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The town of Centerville is preparing their annual Christmas Extravaganza--but this year it's going to be bigger and better than ever, a real over-the-top display. The excitement is off the chart as the writer and director and legend-in-his-own-mind, Cecil V. DeVille, calls for pyrotechnics, sky-diving angels, dancing camels, and more. It's obvious that this year's production will be the greatest ever! But when catastrophe and calamity send those grand plans up in smoke, their epic production becomes an epic fail. Visions of grandeur are replaced with the beauty and power of the simple truth of Jesus' birth: The Son of God, born to humble parents, lying in a simple manger, come to redeem. Now that's epic!

892028002667  Choral Book (Singer's Edition format, single vocal stave and script)           $7.99 
892028002674  Listening CD                                                                                                          $16.99
892028002681  Accompaniment CD (split AND stereo on same disc)                                  $90.00
892028002698  Director’s Resource Kit  (CD ROM & Choreography DVD)                           $69.99                                                           There is NO reproducible music or script for performers in the Kit, just lots of supplemental helps for the teacher/director. There is no Accompaniment track in the Kit. Instructional DVD is NOT a performance, but a choreography tutorial.
892028002704  Bulk CDs  (10-pack of raw listening CDs)                                                        $59.99
892028002711  Review Pack (Choral Book + Listening CD)                                                     $12.00

Prices subject to change without notice

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LifeWay Music Service 800-368-7421
J.W. Pepper                   800-345-6296
Pine Lake Music           800-241-3667
Kempke's Music           800-753-6753

Click on dealer name to open the dealer's website in a new window. A Play in a Manger may be purchased through the dealer websites, or direct from Little Big Stuff - inquire HERE.


If your favorite church or school music supplier is not listed, contact them for availability. Chances are they can get it for you!


Also Available!

Lyric Sheets and Vocal-only Lead-sheets. Younger kids can't read from the full choral score, or the price of choral books just too prohibitive? We now offer two additional, low-cost options. Fully legal, licensed reproducible and projectable lyric sheets (with script) for $2.00 per child, or lyric with vocal line on single stave of music (with script) for $3.25 per child. Lyric-sheet option is "words-only," Lead-sheet option has melody line vocal score.  BOTH options include the Script for no additional cost.  Click here to request.


Standalone Accompanist Score. The choral books for A Play in a Manger are Singer's Editions, which means that they do NOT contain a printed keyboard accompaniment score as many of our earlier musicals do. Therefore, you may purchase the full Accompanist Score as a standalone pdf file for $7.99, the same retail price as a choral book. This comes with the right to print out a single copy for use by director or accompanist. (The Accompanist Score is included as part of the Director's Resource Kit, so if you are planning to purchase the Director's Resource Kit, there is no need to also purchase the standalone score). Click here to request.



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