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Camel Lot -- A Christmas Musical for KidsCreated by Cyndi Nine, Rob Howard, David Guthrie

Not even Broadway has taken you to a place quite like this!

Take your kids, and congregation on a delightful journey to the manger ... by camel! As you've come to expect from Little Big Stuff Music, the new musical company just for kids, Camel Lot is filled with the coolest music; a fun, funny, but Biblically rock-solid message; and the best time your kids will have anywhere this Christmas!

Beth has been practicing hard for the church Christmas pageant. Her Dad (who runs a car dealership), may be too busy with Christmas car sales to make it to the program. Exhausted from practice, with lines from Luke 2 swirling in her mind, she drifts off to sleep. Transported by Beth's imagination (and a sound effect or two!) we all "wake up" in Bethlehem on a very special day, and in a most unusual place -- the Camel Lot! It doesn't take long, inside Beth's topsy-turvy dream world, to encounter camel shoppers, sales people, shepherds, wise men, and a very familiar story, told in a fun and refreshing new way!

It's all here ... music your kids really want to sing, a story everybody will love, and the clear, simple message of Jesus the Savior, sent to our world to redeem sinful humanity. In short, there's simply not ... a better place to spend Christmas with your kids choir this year, than here in -- Camel Lot!


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Now Available - Individual Songs from the Camel Lot musical.  Not doing a full dramatic musical performance this Christmas, but you love one or more songs in Camel Lot, and wish you could get them without buying the whole book?  Now you can!  Click here to request.

Now Available - Lyric Sheets and Vocal-only Lead-sheets.  Younger kids can't read from the full choral score, or the price of choral books just too prohibitive?  We now offer two additional, low-cost options.  Fully legal, licensed reproducible and projectable lyric sheets (with script) for $2.00 per child, or lyric with vocal line on single stave of music (with script) for $3.25 per child.  Click here to request.

Now Available - Stereo Instrumental-only Accompaniment Disc.  Prefer instrumental stereo tracks to the commercially-available Split-track?  We'll make one for you!  Click here to request.

Now Available - Printed Professional Rhythm Charts. Want to accompany your performance with live band instead of the pre-recorded track? Professionally typeset Rhythm Chart pack is available for $100.  For keyboard/bass/drums/guitar, with horn charts for 4 songs (trumpets/trombone/alto sax).  Click here to request.


Listen to the Entire Musical Here!
  Camel Lot  
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LifeWay Music Service 800-368-7421
J.W. Pepper 800-345-6296
Pine Lake Music 800-241-3667

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Choral Book
Listening CD
Accompaniment CD
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Director's Resource Kit (CD ROM & Choreography DVD)
(CD-ROM + DVD)  CD-ROM contains almost 200 reproducible pages of production notes, lesson plans, student activities, devotional book, running script, choreography script, artwork, planning calendar, and more!  DVD is a video teaching demonstration of the entire choreography and movement, along with costumes and props.  DVD is NOT a video of a complete perfromance of the musical!
Bulk CDs (10 Raw Listening CDs)
10-pack of CDs, making it affordable to provide a complete CD for each child for just $6 each
Review Pack (Choral Book & CD)
Choral book w/listening CD, for directors only, to evaluate the musical 
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