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A Christmas Musical For Kids


Dude, You Hear What I Hear?Created by Steve Moore, Rob Howard and David Guthrie (Running Time 45 minutes)

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Christmas time is filled with sound! Sometimes, so much sound and noise that we can hardly hear the real message of Christmas.

In the hustle and bustle at a crowded "Mondo-Mart" filled with shoppers, shy Taylor and the rest of her youth group have stopped for some last-minute snacks on their way to a fun Christmas camp. Taylor -- not much for talking, but a great hide & seek player -- has found the perfect hiding place. So perfect, in fact, that she doesn't notice when the rest of the group boards the bus and the store is closed for the night! Hard to tell who is more surprised -- Taylor, when she emerges from her hiding place, or the fun-loving store mannequins who break their silence assuming that once again, the store is theirs for the night.

Taylor quickly discovers that everything store mannequins know about Christmas is what they've heard over the PA system during the Christmas season, and boy, are they misinformed! And, the not-so-high-tech night watchmen listening in from outside the store are nearly as confused as the mannequins.

From the creators of Arrest These Merry Gentlemen ... Dude, You Hear What I Hear? is a rollicking adventure for kids that ensures that nobody will miss out on hearing the REAL Christmas story! The hippest music you'll hear in a kids musical this season, a fun story that is performable by the smallest group to the largest, and the solid Biblical message that is the hallmark of musicals from Little Big Stuff. Dude ... you've got to hear this one!



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Individual Songs from the Dude, You Hear What I Hear? musical.  Not doing a full dramatic musical performance this Christmas, but you love one or more songs in Dude, You Hear What I Hear?, and wish you could get them without buying the whole book?  Now you can!  Click here to request.

Lyric Sheets and Vocal-only Lead-sheets.  Younger kids can't read from the full choral score, or the price of choral books just too prohibitive?  We now offer two additional, low-cost options.  Fully legal, licensed reproducible and projectable lyric sheets (with script) for $2.00 per child, or lyric with vocal line on single stave of music (with script) for $3.25 per child.  Click here to request.

Standalone Accompanist Score. The choral books for Dude, You Hear What I Hear? are Singer's Editions, which means that they do NOT contain a printed keyboard accompaniment score as many of our earlier musicals do. Therefore, you may purchase the full Accompanist Score as a standalone pdf file for $7.99, the same retail price as a choral book. This comes with the right to print out a single copy for use by director or accompanist. (The Accompanist Score is also included as part of the Director's Resource Kit, so no need to also purchase the Standalone Score if you have, or plan to purchase, the Director's Resource Kit). Click here to request.

Printed Professional Rhythm Charts. Want to accompany your performance with live band instead of the pre-recorded track? Professionally typeset Rhythm Chart pack is available for $100.  For keyboard/bass/drums/guitar, with horn charts for 4 songs (trumpets/trombone/alto sax).  Click here to request

Listen to the Entire Musical Here!
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No Choir Members Allowed!)
  Listen to the Entire Musical Here!  
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J.W. Pepper 800-345-6296
Pine Lake Music 800-241-3667
Kempke's Music 800-753-6753

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